Monday, August 06, 2007

Three more Tri's - Story from my weekend ride

I have three more Triathlons planned for this year.

The bayside YMCA (sprint) is in two weeks.
The Firmman Half Ironman on September 9th
The Buzzard’s Bay (sprint) on September 30th.

I’m a little concerned about the Half Ironman distance, specifically the swim.

My training has been getting a little better the past few weeks. I’ve been increasing my mileage on my long days and feeling pretty good afterwards. Unfortunately I think the swim is going to be my weak point.

Prior to Mooseman I was starting to feel good about my swimming. I was swimming around 5000-6000 yards a week and my times were improving. Shortly after Mooseman we went on vacation for two weeks in Maine. We had a great time, but my training understandably took a back seat. While on vacation I developed a sharp pain in my left shoulder. One morning I just woke up with it, no trauma, no warning… just pain! I could hardly lift my left arm up above my shoulder without severe pain... it sucked!
So... for the last 4 weeks I’ve been taking 800mg of IB 3 times a day and I’ve limited my swimming to once a week.

Before you say anything… I know I’m exceeding the recommended daily dosage for IB.

The pain has gotten better during the day, but I still wake up in the morning with severe pain. I had a similar pain in my right shoulder many... many years ago. The doctor just gave me a shot of Cortisone in the shoulder... that’s another story... and off I went. I was pain free in days!

I may need another Cortisone shot before I develop a stomach ulcers from all the IB… ouch!

This is my approximate weekly training leading up to the Firmman Half... I hope it's enough!

Swim 6000yds. (If the shoulder holds out)
Bike 120 miles
Run 24 miles

Begin taped two weeks before Firmman Half.

Story from this weekend ride.

This past Saturday I went for a 60 mile seaside ride through two states and four towns. As I entered Little Compton RI I reached into the back pocket of my cycling jersey to look at my directions. The last two times I rode this route I got lost... I wasn’t going to get lost this time. When I reached back into my pocket, all I felt was an empty power bar wrapper and my IPod shuffle... no directions! At some point during the ride they must have fallen out... now what. I had somewhat of an idea where I was, but I wasn’t confident considering my last two failed attempts.

You see the problem with Little Compton is that they have no street signs… none!

As I headed down the road contemplating what to do I noticed a woman working in her front yard. I got on the breaks hard and pulled into her driveway, she quickly stopped what she was doing and walked over to me... I think I startled her a little. I turned off my IPod and before I could get a word out she asked... you lost? I began to tell her about loosing my directions and not knowing exactly where I was because this town doesn’t believe in street signs... she agreed! She asked me where I was heading, but because I couldn’t remember all the street names I just said... I’m heading to Atlantic St. along the water. This must be a popular designation for tourists and lost cyclist because she gave me great directions and offered to fill my water bottles for me. I thanked her for her time and the water. I turned to get back on the road when...

This was the funny part.

Sensing my lack of knowledge of the area she asked me...

Where are you coming from?
I replied... New Bedford
She asked... Where did you park your car?
I replied... In my driveway (with a slight chuckle as not to offend her)
With a shocked look on her face.
She said... You rode all the way here from New Bedford

I replied... Yes... Yes I did!


Robin said...

Thanks for the out loud laugh here at work! Funny, isn't it? I got a simliar reaction from the convenince store owner on the Timberman course. He thought we were crazy to be outside period on 95 degree weather. When he asked where we were going, I said "Gilford" (we were near the turnaround of the 56 mi course). Shocked, he asked, "Where are you coming from?" My reply: "Gilford." haha. Hey--I KNOW what you mean about NO street signs in LC!!! I get lost there in my CAR! But still, it is one of the most beaufitul places in RI & SE Mass. Goosewing is my favorite beach -- wee went there ood luck withwith my grandparents when I was a small kid. Good luck with your shoulder. Go get it checked out. And make sure you're taking lots of Food with all of that IB, my god.

Steve S. said...

Good luck with that pain!!