Sunday, April 01, 2007

Very Busy Weekend


I entered my family in the The SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon II on March 24th, 25th. I thought this would be a great way to introduce my children to the sport I enjoy so much. It was snowing here in Massachusetts last weekend so we had to postpone it until this weekend.

We loaded up the bikes Staurday morning and headed to the beach. The beach has a large closed parking lot that was perfect for the race. We setup some cones in a .25-mile circle with a transition area close to the car. We headed to the water for the swim start, but the kids decided to skip the swim due to the fact the there was no lifeguard on duty. Safety first!

Everybody lined up at the start for five loops of the bike course. Brennen and Kaitlyn started out strong, but everybody caught up at the end. The kids need to work on their transition times!

We headed out on the run, five more loops. This is where the field started to open up and everybody was giving it all they had.

The finish was very close with Cullen edging out mommy in the end for the win!

I think Cullen summed it up best “This was the best-est day ever!”


I ran the Officer Thomas Giunta Memorial 5K

I finished 103 out of 753 finishers. My official time 22:35


Robin said...

It was a pleasure reading about Saturday! Sounds like a fun-filled family day and what a great wat to involve your family in what you like to do in a way everyone can have a good time! Also sounds like Cullen might eventually catch the tri-bug!

RE: Mooseman lodging--don't procrastinate on this one...Keith Jordan's races are very popular. As for me, my friend Ed booked a chalet. I think he said it's eitehr very near or on the race course. Two of my other friends are coming up to cheer us on. I am psyched b/c it's a chalet that sleeps 8 so it's only about $50-60 for lodging for the weekend. Most of us are just making a weekend out of it. This is also a popular race for my tri team. We'll have to do a tri-blogger meet up! Everyone can cheer you on, too! This will be the first time I have met someone in person off of here. So exciting! I almost met Jen at Greenfield last August, but we couldn't find each other. No, go book your lodging!!

Nice run on Sunday! You are a fast running machine now. Now, go hop in the pool...haha!

Robin said...

ooohh--actually the second! I was in tri-thinking mode.

I met Elizabeth (E-Speed) in Athlete's Village prior to the Boston marathon race start last April! Fun stuff!

Jamie said...

Sounds like the STU was a success! Its always awesome to see families get out there and have fun being active.

Re Mooseman Lodging: Robin is right, if you don't have a place now... get on it soon! I booked a place last week and had trouble finding any place to set up shop. I had to go to 5 or 6 places before I found someplace that wasn't already booked.