Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tri-ing this weekend!

This Saturday I will be racing in the Bay Side YMCA Triathlon in Barrington RI. It’s a sprint, Swim .5, Bike 12 miles and Run 3 miles. This was my very first triathlon last year so I’m a little excited to see if I’ve improved over the year. I had a great time competing last year, the bike course is flat and the run takes you down well shaded side roads. Last year my transition times were terrible… around 4 minutes for T1 and 3 for T2. I remember trying to wash off my feet and put on socks in T1. This year... like in Mooseman… I’ll skip the socks and gloves and just GO! This year I’m hoping to keep my transitions well under 2 minutes. I’m not wearing a wetsuit so that should help.

I have the Firmman Half just three week following this race so I didn’t taper for this one because I’m going to treat it as one of my training day. I plan to go as hard as I can without blowing up! My shoulder has been holding up during training this week, but it’s still very sore. I’ll probable take Friday off or just go for an easy run and rest before Saturday.

The weather forecast for Saturday is Sunny with a high temp of 77 degrees and a 10% chance of precipitation... wish me luck!


Steve S. said...

Good luck! Here's hoping for a PR over last year!!

Kim said...

you're gonna be GREAT! cant wait (i just lied) for firmman! :)

Tri-John said...

Thanks! I just cleaned my bike, packed my gear and I'm ready to go!!! I can't wait!!! Is it bad that I'm having a Beer while I type this!