Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not much to say...

I just don’t have that much to say... I had to get off the treadmill today so I ran outside during lunch. It was a little chilly... but great to see the sunshine! (6 miles)

The New Bedford Half Marathon is 8 weeks away (March 16th). I ran it last year with a time of 1:49:11, it was my first half marathon and the longest distance I had ever run at one time. If you're at all interested... here's the report. This year my goal is to finish in less than 1:45:00.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 was a year of firsts for me.

It was my first full Triathlon season.
I ran my first Half Marathon the New Bedford Half.
I shaved for the first time… just the legs!
Mooseman was my first International distance race.
I crashed my bike for the first time during a race (Bayside) breaking a rib in the process… and finished!
I had to cancel my first half Ironman because of the broken rib.

2007 Race review

New Bedford Half-Marathon - 1:49:12
SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon II - Fun with the family!
Officer Thomas Giunta Memorial 5K - 0.22:35
Mooseman International - 2:49:10
Bayside YMCA Triathlon - 1:09:01
Firmman Half Iron - Canceled due to injury
Buzzards Bay Triathlon - 1:41:45

2008 Race schedule (Subject to change without notice!)

New Bedford Half-Marathon March 16
Mooseman Half Ironman June 8
Four in the Forth July 4
Cranberry Country International August 24
Buzzards Bay Triathlon ?
Bay State Marathon October 19

One of the highlights of last year was getting a chance share my love for triathlon with my family. They went to all my races and cheered me on… I can’t thank them enough for their support.

Also, I had the privilege of meeting some great people and fellow Bloggers!

What will be new for 2008!

I’m going to enter (and complete) my first marathon
Be more consistent with training and focus on longer distances.
Develop a better nutrition plan.
Start to make plans for my first Ironman next year.
My son has shown some interest in racing this year so I’m hoping to enter a sprint tri together as a relay. Maybe I can pass the Triathlon bug onto him!

Oh yah… and this!