Friday, February 29, 2008


Thanks guys! I know that whoever wins will put them to good use. I'll pick the name out of a hat this weekend and announce the winner Monday morning... Good luck!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Passing on a gift from Robo-Stu

Last year I won a set of Aero-bars on the Tri-Geeks Dream website… you may have heard of it!

Here was the original post:

A gift from Robo-Stu
Robo-Stu, wanting to spread the tri-karma, is offering this free set of aero-bars to a newbie triathlete. No strings attached. He'll even pay for the shipping.

Just leave a comment about why you want them below. Thanks.

Here was my post and response from Robo-Stu.

Well… I feel that it’s time to pass the Aero-torch to the next tri-newbie. The bars are Airstryke by Profile.

The same rules apply, No strings attached, I’ll even pay the shipping. Just leave a comment about why you want them. Now I know I don’t have as large and audience as the Kahuna, but maybe you or someone you know will appreciate and use them. Thanks!

I'll pick the winner this weekend... if I get any responses!