Sunday, January 28, 2007

Free cycling gear...

I just got $150 dollars worth of free cycling gear from my local bike shop. I did go over budget a little and had to chip in a couple bucks, but this is what I got...

Pearl Izumi Charger R1 cycling shoes and...

Look KEO Classic Road Pedals...

All I had to do to get this free stuff was to buy this...

2007 Trek 2100

I ordered my bike and it came in a couple weeks ago. I went for my fitting last week and picked up a few things while I was there so they could have time to mount everything before picked it up.

I bought 2 Bontrager Race Lite bottle cages and a Serfas 9 function wireless computer. They had a 13 function computer that was actually cheaper, but this one had the cadence function that I wanted.

9 - Functions
Wireless Cadence
Current Speed
Average Speed
Pace Indicator Arrow
Maximum Speed
Trip Distance
Elapsed Trip Time
Programmable Odometer
12/24 Hour Clock

I can't wait to pick it up, I have place to keep it in my office all picked out.


Steve S. said...

The term "Wireless Cadence" makes me hot. Nice gear!

Tri-John said...

Thanks, I'm getting a little warm myself just thinking about it!

Robin said...

Hey! Hopefully I'm not anonymous! :-) Good bike and I am more excited baout the pedals! I had my bike for 3 yrs and I bought (poor recommendation from bike dealer) SPD pedals. But this season I am going to switch to ROAD pedals and shoes!!! Eiterh LOOK or SHIMANO. Let me know how you like them when you start riding! I think I am going to make a fitting appt for next month. Where did you but your stuff?

Tri-John said...

Your not anonymous anymore! Thanks for the comment on the bike. It’s a big upgrade from my 15+ year old Cannondale with cage pedals and shifters on the down tube.

I highly recommend the bike fitting. I spent about 45 minutes on the trainer while he made adjustments; I ended up changing out the stock stem for a longer one. The fitting was included in the purchase of the bike, but it still would have been money well spent if not. Once I’m past the break in period, I plan on having the setup done again.

I looked at both the Shimano 105 and Look Classic pedals. They were about the same price, just under 100 bucks. The Shimano are made of aluminum and weight 330g while the Look are made of polyamide composite and weight 280g. I went with the Look pedals on a recommendation form the shop. I’m sure the Shimano pedals would have been just as good. I’m sure as time goes bye I’ll be upgrading and changing things. For now I think I’ve spent enough money. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I bought the bike and gear at Bike Works in Swansea Ma.

Robin said...

Thanks for the scoop! Now, get on your trainer!! :-)

Redbull said...

Hey John,
That is a sweet deal on the gear. Next weekend I'm going to upgrade my pedals from the cages i've been rocking for the past 2 years to some either look or shimano pedals and new shoes.

I stopped by the LBS to ask a few questions the other day, and they said for a first timer, being adjustable is pretty important. Are the Looks adjustable?

-Redbull (Jamie from triscoop)

Tri-John said...

Thanks for the comment, I’m very happy with my gear. I noticed a real difference in power with the new pedals and shoes.
The look pedals are adjustable. They have a tension spring that allows you to adjust engagement and disengagement of the cleat. The more tension you apply the harder it will be to clip out of the pedals, not enough tension and you risk clipping out while hammering the hills. You may need to have your seat height checked after there installed.

Good luck!