Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Making a list...

Today I went for a 22-mile bike ride. I took it easy and didn’t push the hills as much as I wanted. Tomorrow I’ll swim 1000 in the morning and maybe run a few miles before lunch. I’m thinking about skipping the run, my right foot has been hurting me after my runs lately. After that… nothing until race day!

I'm starting to get my gear together for Mooseman on Saturday, this way if I’m missing something I'll have time to get it tomorrow or Friday morning at the latest.

Funny... before it was always "Mooseman on June 2nd" now it's just "Saturday".

I need to put a list together because I love to procrastinate about things like this and I always end up running around at the last minute.

The List
1. Confirm reservations for cottage
2. Wetsuit
3. Body Glide
4. Goggles
5. Ear plugs (I bring them but never use them)
6. Sunglasses
7. Bike (I still need to clean it)
8. Helmet, gloves and bike shoes
9. Water bottles
10. Repair bag (spare tubes, pump and tire wrench)
11. Tri shorts and shirt
12. Running shoes and socks
13. Hammer gels, Heed, Cliff bars
14. Transition stuff (Water and towels)
15. Directions to Mooseman!

Did I miss anything... probably!


Kim said...

TRASHBAGS (in case it rains!), sunscreen, chapstick, windbreaker (you never know what the weather is gonna be like!), baby powder... ehmmmmm I should start getting my stuff together tonight! :)

we had another open water swim last night... i think i swallowed no less than 59,569 fish. yummy! heading out for a jog tonight... and started carbo loading last night with grilled chicken parm. YUMMMM!

Jamie said...

Pretty good list. I'd add some sandals too, for bumming around post-race.

I'm getting excited! It is getting close! Take it easy, eat plenty of carbs, and triple check your bags!

Tri-John said...

Thanks...I'll definitely add them to my list. I just hope I don’t need the trash bags!

Robin said...

hey -- i'm using your list!