Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Countdown Begins...

I went for a nice easy 25 mile ride on Monday morning. I road my usual loop through Padanaram Village through back roads of Dartmouth and Westport. I was heading up Elm Street towards the center of town when I noticed that there appeared to be a lot more people on the side of the road then usual. As I got closer to town the crowd got bigger, the road was now completely lined with people on both sides. This should have been a clue! As I road up the center of the street… no cars… people were waving and saying hello. I was starting to feel like I was riding in the Tour… only much slower! Now I know all these people didn’t come out to see me ride up the street… That’s when I saw two kids walking down the street towards me holding a sigh… Town of Dartmouth Memorial Day Parade. You would have thought the marching band music would have clued me in sooner!

My wetsuit finally came in this weekend from wetsuitrentals.com. I needed a full length wetsuit for Mooseman because I heard the water temperature will be about 60 degrees. When the wetsuit arrived I couldn’t wait to open it and try it on. I opened up the box, held up the wetsuit and said to my wife, there is no way I’m going to fit into this thing. I went online to check the sizing chart again… it’s the correct size! After some grunting and groaning I was able to get into it. I’ll need to pick up some body glide.

To everyone going to Mooseman this weekend… take it easy this week and be safe.

The countdown begins... I need to start thinking about packing!


Kim said...

hahaa that's great you made part of the parade! :) saturday we had an open water swim at walden pond with our wetsuits...it was quite hysterical watching everyone putting on their wetsuit (most for the first time). definitely get body glide, and put it on your lower legs, neck, wrists. also so someone doesnt pull your wetsuit down in the water, loop the long string and tuck it in the velcro at the top with the loop sticking out. then when you want to take it off, use your left arm to reach behind, grab the entire loop and pull down. easy!

Jamie said...

Lol, you should doing the band leader fist pound thing and just start singing some band songs and join right in the parade!

Take the suit out in the water. I found that once you get some water on the inside, it slides into place a little easier. Take it nice and easy this week and see you in NH!

Robin said...

TOO FUNNY about the parade!

yes! definitely get body glide. it will be your best friend. :-)

Do we know our numbers yet? Will be get numbers before packet pickup?

Tri-John said...

Yes, I got my number last night 5172. There is a link on the Mooseman website with participants numbers and wave start times. There is also a link to the athlete information page that has event times and activities.



Let me know if the link doesn’t work.

Steve S. said...

Wetsuits NEED to be tight. Trying on your first one is always a bit scary!!