Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday to Me...

My birthday was last week… on Tuesday... no need to sent gifts! Unless you want too!

I’ve had the same Timex Ironman watch for about 17 years. My wife gave it to me for my birthday we were dating at the time… I loved that watch. In 17 years I’ve had to replace the batter only 3 times and the band about 7 times. They stopped making the replacement bands a few years ago so now the band is held together with sutures and surgical tape.

She hinted around at the idea of replacing my old watch, the tape was starting to fall off! I mentioned that if I was going to replace my old Ironman watch, just a simple one would be fine. Well this year she bought me a new Timex Ironman Data Link System watch for my birthday.

This thing is amazing it’s like a little PDA on your wrist. It has a crap load of features, Chronograph (200 lap splits), Countdown Timer, Interval Timer, Synchro Timer (not sure what that is yet), Schedule, Alarm, Appointments, Occasions (so I can’t forget anymore important dates), Contacts, Notes and a bunch of customizable options. Hey… it even displays the time!

It came with software so you can set the thing up on your computer and download the data to the watch… so cool!

I’ll add pictures tonight!

Totals from last week
Swim 4750
Bike 95 miles (40 of them in the rain!)
Run 22 miles


Jamie said...

Damn, you are absolutly destroying me with those numbers!

Looks like I won't be seeing too much of you on the race course as you'll probably be whizzing by me!

Jamie said...

Oh, and Happy belated Birthday!

Allez said...

That was a hard core watch to last 17 years! Happy birthday!

Robin said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Good riding in the rain! Good riding period. Nice job!

Robin said...

PS: That Mooseman course is a KILLER! I am wondering what I got myself into. KILLER. Seriously. But you will rock it, I know. Me, I just wanna get thru it.

Robin said...

did u add pics? i don't remember these! Nice watch!

Tri-John said...

Yes, I just added them the other day. I forgot to post them when I wrote it... Thanks I like the new watch. I still wear the old one for yard work so it doesn’t feel left out!