Thursday, March 01, 2007

2007 Schedule

I have my 2007 schedule finally worked out... for now!

30th Annual New Bedford Half Marathon
The SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon II
Mooseman International Distance
Bridgton Four On The Fourth
Bayside YMCA Sprint Triathlon
Firmman Half Ironman

My first race this year is the New Bedford Half Marathon on March 18th. This will be my first half marathon and I can't wait to do it. My training has been going well, except for a chest cold last week that had me coughing up techno-colored sludge. I'm back on rack with my training now.
I entered my family in the The SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon II on March 24th, 25th. I thought this would be a great way to introduce my children to the sport I enjoy so much. When I completed my first triathlon last year two of my three children were there to cheer me on and see me cross the finish line. I was so happy to be able to share that experience with them. When I finished, my son turned to me and said “That was awesome, when can I do that!
I was looking for a race to test myself with early in the season. I know I wasn't going to be ready for a half ironman this early, so I thought I would try a quarter distance. I entered the Mooseman International Distance on June 2.
My wife and I take the kids on vacation in Maine for two weeks in July. We have done this now for the past 15 years. Wow... that's a long time! Last year was the first time I noticed that the town we stay in has a local road race, The Bridgton Four On The Fourth. I'll enter this year!
The Bayside YMCA Triathlon was my first triathlon last year. I had an awesome time and it was a great event. My wife was unable to make it so I wanted to do it again so she could be there. The Bayside YMCA Triathlon will be in August
I wanted to end my season with a big race... big for me. I entered the Firmman Half Ironman in September. This will be my longest distance race, nervous about being ready for it. If I find a good training plan and stick to it, I'll be fine. It's all about having fun right!
Wish my luck!


Robin said...

OMG! I signed up for Mooseman, too! BIG HILLS ON THE BIKE AND I AM NERVOUS!!!! I did it in prep for Patriot Half. I just came home now with my new pedals, shoes and aerobars! I'll try them out on my trainer Sunday morning...eventually on the road! (gulp!) and I did the bike in Firma man summer before last. It was awesome and sooo much fun! Just make sure you do some ocean water swims this summer and you'll rock the course!!!!

Tri-John said...

That's great! You'll be fine on the hills, just be sure to say Hi when you pass me! I was also thinking about Patriot Half, but I didn't think I'd be ready so I'll just be a spectator.
Getting new gear is fun! Are you still planning to go for that fitting now that you have your new gear?
Firmman will be my first half, I planned it late so I would have time to prepare, but I'm still nervous!!!

Robin said...

I went for the fit when I got the pedals and aerobars put on -- they did it all at once, and made the fit accord. to me and the new bars/pedals. Not sure where u live, but HIGHLY recommend CYCLELOFT in Burlington. You have plenty of time ahead of you! I went to start an *official* traininng plan this MOnday, but woke up with a stiff neck! Better today, but it took a few days to work itself out. Plus, my PT friend came over and helped, too! Thank goodness....