Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Indoor Climbing Rocks!

My three children had no school on Monday so my wife and I decided to take them to do some indoor climbing. The kids were going to take the two hour intro climbing course and I was going to take the belay course so I could take them climbing when ever we wanted. We arrived at Carabiner’s at 10am and the kids met up with their instructor, put on climbing gear and off they went. My plan was to just take the belay course when my instructor asked if I wanted to do a little climbing. He had a group taking the intro climbing and belay course and wanted me to join them. I’m glad I did!

Brennen's first climb on the 65' speed wall
Kaitlyn's first climb on the 65' speed wall
Cullen's first climb!
Cullen doing a little boldering!
In no time Brennen was showing off his new skills on a more technical climb.
Me on the 65' speed wall showing them how its done!
Working the corner backwards!
I'm now Belay Certified... cool!
We had a great time and will definitely do it again. Climbing is a great workout and lots of FUN!!!!

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The Tri Runner said...

Very Cool!

I took rock climbing in College and your right it is a good workout.