Monday, February 25, 2008

Passing on a gift from Robo-Stu

Last year I won a set of Aero-bars on the Tri-Geeks Dream website… you may have heard of it!

Here was the original post:

A gift from Robo-Stu
Robo-Stu, wanting to spread the tri-karma, is offering this free set of aero-bars to a newbie triathlete. No strings attached. He'll even pay for the shipping.

Just leave a comment about why you want them below. Thanks.

Here was my post and response from Robo-Stu.

Well… I feel that it’s time to pass the Aero-torch to the next tri-newbie. The bars are Airstryke by Profile.

The same rules apply, No strings attached, I’ll even pay the shipping. Just leave a comment about why you want them. Now I know I don’t have as large and audience as the Kahuna, but maybe you or someone you know will appreciate and use them. Thanks!

I'll pick the winner this weekend... if I get any responses!


Jameson said...

Well I'm not sure if I qualify as a newby with a sprint and two Olys under my belt, but it is worth a shot.

Reason? Well I'm still riding the bike that I was able to afford on my meager college kid funds, and it shows. I love it to death and it is holding together pretty well, but is pretty heavy and make me pay for it on the bike leg.

I'm hoping to upgrade do a dedicated tri bike (that hopefully doesn't weigh 25 pounds) at the end of this season, and if I get the Airstryke bars, I'd be able to pass them along to yet another tri newbie!

You should have each person you pass it along to sign it or carve their name somewhere! That'd be so cool to see everyone that has passed them along!

Shawn said...

I would like to throw myself into the mix for the Tri-Newbie Aero-Bars. This will be my first Triathlon season. Since May of last year I have been getting myself ready for my first Sprint Tri and it has been so rewarding. I have accomplished alot during my training and have pushed myself further then I have ever done before.

I have gone from barely running a mile on the treadmill to running 6 miles on the road, completing several 5k road races and a 5 mile run/16 mile bike Biathlon. I have also gone from struggling with a 25 meter swim to doing 1800 meters during a training swim. Biking is definately my weak point now. I bought myself a cheap road bike for the biathlon and I think aero-bars would give me the extra push I would need to finish strong during the bike portion of the Triathlons this year.

Of course at the end of the season I will carry on the tradition and pass the "Aero-torch" to the next deserving Tri-Newbie. Thanks alot and I hope to see you in at the Cranberry County International Tri.


Steve Stenzel said...

Wow, sweet! I don't need them, but it's great you're doing this!!