Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thanks Robo-Stu

Last week while reading my daily list of Tri-bloggers I came across A Gift from Robo-Stu on the Tri-Geek Dreams web site. Robo-Stu was offering a free set of aero-bars to a newbie triathlete. Now I never win anything, but I figured it can't hurt to try and I really needed them.

I checked back a couple days later and guess what... I Won!

Shortly after I received an email from Robo-Stu... here is a little bit of it.


congrats on winning my aerobars on the trigeekdreams web site.

they were the bars i used in my first two seasons of racing and they're great. they helped me get hooked on the sport. i still remember the first time i used them and how much faster i was in the aero position. you'll seriously add at least 2 mph to your bike time by using them.

these bars hold a special place in my heart. please do them proud. and if you get so hooked on triathlon that you upgrade, see if you can find another newbie to pass them along to..."

I promised to do them proud!

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