Friday, September 14, 2007

One more to go!

Well... I'm doing the Buzzard's Bay Triathlon on September 30th. My ribs are feeling good and I’ve resumed my training this week… more on that later.

I went down to watch the Firmman Half with my family and ran into Robin… that was cool! I was glad I went, but not being able to race was just killing me. We watched people returning from the bike and getting ready to head out on the run… I wished that was me!

The weather was great so we headed down to the beach to kill some time until the first athletes started coming in. It was amazing to watch. The last 100 yards of the run leading up the finish was through sand. This wasn’t the hard packed kind on sand, but the squish between your toes kind of sand. I give all the finishers a lot of credit!

1st Place.


Shawn said...

Yeah I also went down and watched the athletes. It was just amazing. Good luck on the Buzzard's Bay Triathlon.


Kim said...


good luck at buzzards, but who needs luck when you are a triathlon animal?!

Robin said...

Great meeting you & the family! You can sure pick people out of a crowd!

See you Sept 30th!