Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Buzzards Bay Triathlon Pre-Race Weekend

On Saturday the family and I headed to Demarest Lloyd State Park to check out the site for the Buzzards Bay Triathlon. When we arrived the first thing we all noticed was the amount of rocks! The tide was low, but there were big rocks all over the place. Kate looked at and said... “You’re going to run up that!”

The second thing we noticed was how shallow the water was. Now I know it was low tide, but this was shallow. I just hope they planned on the tide for the race!

As we walked down the beach the rocks got smaller until we finally reached clear sand. I wondered if they would use his part of the beach for the swim exit because the sand was clear and it lead up to the side parking lot.

As it turned out I was correct. When we left the parking lot I saw someone measuring out the road. I stopped and asked him if he was with Max Performance, he said yes. I then asked where the swim exit was going to be because the first entrance to the beach looked very rocky! He agreed and said the swim will start there and exit down the beach. I was happy to hear that! I just hope they planned for the tide or we will all be walking in knee deep water!

Sunday I rode the 18 mile bike course. I started from inside the park where I thought the transition area would be and followed the long driveway up to the entrance. The first hill starts just before you reach the entrance where you take your first right onto Barney’s Joy Road. It’s not a long hill, but I had to get out of the saddle t maintain some speed. The next hill is at the top of Horseneck Road (mile 3) just before you turn right onto Horseneck Road North. Now I don’t want to scare anyone, but it’s a big hill! Now wait… the good part is that you start at the top of a hill and descend and then back up. I was able to hit 30+ before I started the ascent which carried me about 2/3rd the way up the top. When you get to the bottom of the hill look to your right, there are always two Swans in a small pond… Just look for a second! I only had to get out of the saddle just long enough to crest the top.

Once you take the right onto Horseneck Road North it’s mostly flat but straight with a few rolling hills. The only thing I could see being a problem will be the head winds. This is open farm land and the wind can really pick up some days.

At mile 11 you turn onto Fisher Road, this is where you hit a few more rolling hills before it goes down hill… literally! This is the fast stretch, but be very careful, the road winds for the next several miles. I was able to maintain 22+ mph for a couple miles and even hit 30 at one point.

Some points to remember:
1. The bike course is well shaded so be careful of sand in the shadows.
2. The roads are lined with Oak trees… Falling Acorns hurt!
3. Never mind the Jellyfish… look out for these little guys!

4. Most importantly Have Fun… it’s a great ride!


Robin said...


Please e-mail me.

Robin said...

Tell me that is NOT a CRAB.

Tri-John said...

It's a harmless little hermit crab!

Shawn said...

Good luck and have fun at the tri.

Dying Water Buffalo said...

Dude the crabs are just going to be helpful... they'll make you run faster. Same theory behind the sharks...