Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Not so good - Week in Review

Last week started out great, my swimming was getting better and I was looking forward to putting in some big mileage on the weekend. Unfortunately, after my swim on Thursday I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold. I was hoping it was just a headache and would pass, but it didn’t. As the day went on it started getting worst and eventually settled in my chest. I ended up not running that night and I had to skip my weekend long bike and run. What a crappy way to end the week.

Swim: 3250
Bike: 35 miles
Run: 5

On the bright side I was able to book a nice cottage for Mooseman!

I hope this week is better!


Jamie said...

Hey, it happens man. Chin Up!

I've been neglecting my swim/run a little too much in an effort to boost up my bike strength...

Get out there, b'c i'm going to be gunning for you at Mooseman!

Tri-John said...

No problem Jamie... I'm always up for a little friendly competition! Bring it on!

To top off last week... I arrive at the pool 5:30am Tuesday to find that it’s closed until 22nd for repairs. Oh well, that just gives me more time to spend on the bike!

Robin said...

Rest if you're sick. Rest is just as important for the body, as I'm sure you know. You'll be strong and recovered in no time!

And hey! Great that you found a cottage for Mooseman!! Are you nr the course? I'm starting to freak a bit about Mooseman. I just need to finish. I'll do it, but it may be tough.

I had a good day on the bike yesterday. Glad to be back. I'm back on the horse, John.

Robin said...

nr = near. (sorry -- my shorthand!)