Monday, April 09, 2007

The week in review

My training went well last week, it was great to get back into the pool. I'm starting to work in more swim and bike time into my workouts. My next event is quickly approaching and I need to pick it up.

Swim: 2500
Bike: 45 miles
Run: 10.5 (missed one day)

Thursday I met up with my friend Manny and a group of guys for a 20 mile ride. I was a little nervous at first to be riding with an experienced group, but I did well. I usually train alone so I stuck to the back at first so I wouldn’t take anybody out. It didn’t take long to start feeling comfortable riding with them, they are a great group of guys. I started getting a cramp in my left calf at about mile 8. I would finally get it worked out and then it would move to the other calf...frustrating! I was wondering if it was the 1000 yard swim from that morning.

I went for a 4 mile run with my son on Sunday. We went to the park so he could follow me on his bike. We had a good time and I told him we should make it a regular thing. He should have no trouble keeping up on my longer runs… just watch out for the goose Bren!

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