Wednesday, November 29, 2006

First race of 2007

I signed up for my first race of the 2007 season, the New Bedford Half Marathon. I've always wanted to run this race and I figured it would be a good way to start the season providing my knee is fine by then.


Robin said...

This sounds like a good time -- March--to do a Half. What kinds of things have you heard about this race to make you have it on your "always wanted to do" list? I had been thinking of Hyannis, buy not really feelin' the drive down there that morning in FEB.

Tri-John said...

I’ve always heard that it’s well organized race. The course is challenging with winds off the water, low temps and its longest hill at the end. I’ve lived in New Bedford most of my life and every year I would watch the runners go past my house and every year I would say I want to run that race.
Here is a link to the oficial site.

Robin said...

Thanks. I have since been thinking to do Big Lake in NH in May (would be my 2nd time). but I am still thinking about this one, since May seems like a long ways away. Thanks for the website--I'll check it out.