Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick Vacation Recap

We just got back from our 2 week vacation in Maine. It was much needed and probably one of our best. The weather was perfect and it was great to see some old friends again. I ran in the local "Four on the Forth" road race, it felt great to compete in something again. We rented a pontoon boat with the family and spent the day cruising around the lake. I got to ride in an ambulance with lights and everything... that was fun! I even got a tour of the local ER where they gave me 11 stitches in my ring finger just for stopping in. Oh... I need to get a new ring to replace the one the EMT cut off my finger!

That was just a quick recap. I'll be posting more with pictures from my vacation later.

See ya!


Jamie said...

Wait wait WHAT?!

I'm glad that I reread that last sentence and that you got a new replacement RING not a replacement FINGER.

Shawn said...

hey glad to see your still around! I put those aero bars to good use for my first Tri! At the end of the season I will be passing them on to another tri-newbie. Thanks again!