Monday, March 03, 2008

And the WINNER is...

Well... I put the names into a hat and had my wife pick the winner.

And the WINNER is... Shawn!

Congratulations Shawn I know you put them to good use. Just email me your address and I'll send them out. There is a link to my email address in the side bar.

Jamie, sorry you didn’t win! I like your idea about signing them as they are passed down to the next Tri-Newbie.


Jamie said...


Congrats Shawn! Enjoy 'em!

Shawn said...

Nice! Thanks so much. I WILL put them into good use as I complete my first Triathlon season!
Tell your wife thanks too for picking my name!

Thanks, Jamie!

Kim said...

dude, i want to win something!

Robin said...

Cool beans. Hey how'd the race go today????

Robin said...

how are you doing?????