Monday, December 03, 2007

I’m Still Around!

I haven’t posted anything for awhile I guess I just haven’t had anything to say or maybe it’s the 70 hour work weeks, but I still visit my favorite Bloggers.

I sold my bike just over a month ago… I miss her terribly! I’ve been passing the time with spin classes but it’s just not the same. Sure… I’m getting a great workout but I miss being on the road. Looking for a new bike has proven to be more difficult than I anticipated. I’m still trying to decide what bike to get. My bike shop carries Trek and Cervelo which are both great bikes… I can’t decide. Maybe I should start looking at other brands…. I don’t know!

See… this is why I haven’t posted anything lately… I’m starting to ramble!

Race plans
I need to make a plan for next year maybe that will motivate me. I know I want to do the New Bedford Half Marathon again and one full marathon later in the season, maybe the Bay State Marathon. As far as triathlons go I definitely want to do some half IM's next year. I had to drop my half IM this year because of a broken rib so it’s high on my list for next year. I just don’t know which one yet or how many. I would like to plan for two half IM’s next year and sprinkle in some local sprints and International distance.

Official Training Plans for 2008
None… I haven’t given it much thought lately. I’ve been kind of training by the seat of my pants. What ever I feel like doing that day, that’s what I do. I run about three or four days a week, spin class and weights, but no swimming. I haven’t been in the pool since the Buzzard’s Bay Tri… swimming is my weakest event… go figure! I guess once a pick my races for next year I can start planning out my training.

Well… I’m starting to bum myself out so I guess I’ll stop here.

Until next time…


Jameson said...

Glad to see your blog still alive. :-)

I'm in that same winter slump too. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself and am constantly fighting just to keep moving and not gain weight from all the food I find myself surrounded by.

I hope you find a nice new bike! I can't imagine being bikeless... too sad. I'm probably going to have to invest in a new one within the next year or so and am curious what you find out there!


Shawn said...

I was wondering where you ran off too. I am still trying to figure out my race schedule also. I have a few races in mind, but nothing official.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice to see you're still kicking!! I don't have training plans of yet either. I'm just doin' what I can, when I can. Good luck!!!

Robin said...

Hey! Good to hear from you. I haven't posted in a while, either. But I plan to this week sometime. Who have thunk off season would be so busy? Work has been crazy.

Hey -- DO THE PROVIDENCE, RI 70.3!! I am signing up this week!

Also, remember to test ride these bikes. I learned well after buying my Trek, that while a good brand, it is not the best fitting bike for me. Everyone is different. Happy bike shopping.

Robin said...