Monday, June 04, 2007

2007 Mooseman Preliminary Report

It’s going to take me a couple days to get my thought together. I’ll post my full report with pictures then.

Place 217

Swim 30:15
I had a little technical difficulty in the beginning of the swim… more on that later.

Bike 1:22:25
Rate 19.8 mph
This was a challenging bike course.

Run 50:56
Pace 8:13
Enough with the hills already!

Final Time 2:49:10
35th in male 35-39 Division

It was an amazing weekend!


Kim said...

HOLY HECK, you're fast!!! amazing job john!!!!

Robin said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Your hard work paid off!

I wrote down a bunch of race #s then left the paper at home on the table. We are all gonna have to be more coordinated with our "meet up" and maybe get something loosely organized among all of us before we leave! Bolder's pretty good at that, I must say. Us East Coasters needs to get our act together. :-)

Fun stuff you ran into Jamie on the course! Will be posting my race report soon. I had fun, too!